Sex Advice: Lead Us Not Into Google

by Hallie @ Moxie Wife on July 2, 2014

My finger hovered over the “publish” button. I drew a shaky breath. For months I’d been thinking about publishing this ebook but kept asking myself, “Do you really want to be ‘that Catholic woman who published a book about great sex‘?”

Three years ago, while we were working on Style, Sex, and Substance, contributing writer Elizabeth Duffy sent a questionnaire to hundreds of Catholic women asking them about their sex lives: Were they satisfied? With what issues did they most struggle? And their husbands? Were they content? Was there tension?

I was taken aback and saddened to see just how many women reported being dissatisfied with the sexual-love aspect of their marriage. Inspired and informed by the feedback she received, Elizabeth wrote an excellent chapter on the topic for our book.

After the book released, I started receiving emails from women about their intimate lives and the struggles they faced. At best, they said, sex wasn’t fun. At worst, it was a source of enormous marital tension…

To read more, just head over to Patheos where I have the pleasure and privilege of guest posting this week!


Call Her Happy, indeed (a giveaway!)

by Hallie @ Moxie Wife on June 24, 2014

Call Her Happy necklaces.jpg
It was May of 1999 and I was visiting Dan in his hometown of Mobile, Alabama for the first time. As we wove through Midtown, I stared out the window, transfixed by all the green — the waxy green leaves of the trees, the muted gray-green of the Spanish moss, the lush green of the grass, and the hungry green of the kudzu. Few things make me feel more at peace than being surrounded by verdant things.

I used to love hiking through the California forest when I was growing up because in the cool shade of the redwoods patches of moss would pop up and ferns would grow wild. Perhaps in heaven I will be surrounded by viridescence. Right there between blue and yellow I feel my shoulders relax and I can breathe deep and easy.

As we drove on I noticed big, yellow-white drops dotting the trees. I asked Dan what they were. He pulled the car over to the side of the road, told me to stay in the car, jumped out, and plucked one of those buttery flowers right off the tree. When he returned he gave me a kiss and held it up to my nose. The scent was sweet and citrusy and filled up the car in an instant.

Ever since then, I’ve thought of the Magnolia as our flower.

Jenna opened an Etsy shop recently (appropriately named Call Her Happy) and filled it with the most creative, charming necklaces I’ve ever seen. She hangs mini embroidery hoops from a chain and with her needle and thread fills them with pictures of bluebonnets, peacocks, Sacred Hearts, bicycles, and the sweetest little foxy faces you’ve ever seen.

I asked her recently whether she might be able to create one for me of a Magnolia nestled into a grassy green. She replied that but of course she could and before I knew it a tiny package was waiting for me in my mailbox. Inside it was my Magnolia and it was just perfect. See…

A Call Her Happy mini embroidery hoop necklace!
I love it. So, so much. Thank you so much, adorable Jenna!

Then Jenna, who’s sweet like this, offered to give one of her beautiful necklaces to one of you! A coupon code for 15% off, too (just enter MOXIEWIFE at checkout).

You know the drill. Rafflecopter away, girlie girls!

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Under New Management

by Hallie @ Moxie Wife on June 17, 2014

I did the math and I have written 60 Five Favorites post and “favorited” 300 things over the past year (and four months). That’s a lot of things! No wonder “swoon” is one of my favorite words.

I can’t even tell you how much fun I’ve had, love bugs. Sharing things I love with you, reading all about the things that have touched your hearts and tickled your fancy, and meeting so many new people has been a joy. I’ve had such a ball hosting this link-up, in fact, that I was completely taken by surprise to find myself with a small case of Five Favorites burnout recently.

It makes sense, though. I’m not online as much as I once was so I don’t come across as many things that I love and want to share these days. That makes it hard when it’s time to come up with my list each week.

I started this link-up because I had so many things that I was dying to tell you about and wanted a fun way to do so. Feverishly searching for things late at night on Tuesday because I have five slots to fill and nothing to fill them with kind of defeats the purpose, though (and is definitely not one of my favorite things).

So, after thinking about it, I’ve decided to pass along the Five Favorites torch. Beautiful, hilarious, sweet Heather of Mama Knows, Honeychild has agreed to take over for me and I couldn’t be happier.

Just between you and me, it’s really just all a part of my brilliant plan to force her to post more often. Few people make me laugh the way she does. Her Five Favorites posts are going to be SOLID GOLD. I can just feel it.

Thank you so much for joining me over the past year! I just love you all to pieces and can’t wait to follow along over on Heather’s blog. And when five magical, glorious things that I just have to share with you fall into my lap, I’ll be linking up right alongside of you.



A Day by Day Beauty Vitamin C Serum Giveaway!

by Hallie @ Moxie Wife on June 16, 2014

THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED. Congratulations, Nina, Megan, and Laura P. Check your inbox!

Day by Day
I don’t do a lot of product reviews and giveaways around here. I’m always so tempted when the offers come in but I usually pass them up because this season of life is crazy. Those of you who are familiar with my mail obsession know how painful this is for me. In the interest of not ruining my own life, though, I have to be honest with myself and admit that by the time products arrives on my doorstep all sorts of unexpected happy chaos might very well have erupted (leaving my blogging time at approximately 0.0001 minutes).

When beautiful Pamela emailed me and asked whether I’d like to sample her Day by Day Beauty Vitamin C serum, though, I couldn’t resist.

This past year has done quite a number on my skin. Charlie-no-sleep succeeded in simplifying my beauty routine to a degree that would make beauticians faint. We’re talking brushing my teeth (quickly), splashing my face with water, removing my contacts, and passing out. On a good day.

No special face wash, no moisturizer, and definitely no tonics or serums or toners.

Now that he’s doing just a bit better on the sleeping front (praise the merciful Lord above) I feel my desire to care for my physical self coming back to life a bit. So, when Pamela contacted me I jumped at the opportunity because I read a while back (from an article published in a periodical I trust but can’t find now — sorry!) that while there are few skin treatments that are actually effective and live up to their claims, vitamin c serums are the exception. They praised them unreservedly.

I actually tried a different Vitamin C serum a while back but put it aside pretty quickly because it was so sticky. I was told that this is pretty standard for these serums so I never sought out another brand. I love positive results but not so much that I’m willing to turn my face into a fly catcher every night. I read in the Amazon reviews that the Day by Day brand has found a way around this problem which made me even more tempted to try it.

While I was looking over the reviews I noticed that there are 250 of them and almost all were positive! And so, despite my determination to cut back on product reviews, I begged sweet Pamela to send me a bottle. Generous gal that she is, she had it on my doorstep in days.

Oh my word, girls. I love this stuff. It has absolutely earned all the positive reviews it has received. The kids and I have been spending a lot of time at the pool and beach this summer which isn’t typically terribly kind to my skin no matter how much sunscreen I use. This year, though, I’ve been using my new beloved serum faithfully and my skin looks better than ever!

I could totally work for QVC, couldn’t I?

Seriously, though (and with all sincerity), this stuff is amazing. In addition to Vitamin C, it contains Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, Aloe, and Jojoba Oil. Good stuff, all of it.

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling now and tell you the happiest part of all. Pamela is giving away a bottle of her Day by Day Beauty Vitamin C Serum to three winners! Just do your Rafflecopter thing below! Easy peasy. And if you just can’t wait, the cost of the serum is currently on sale for $18.50 (reduced from $89.99!!!). I highly recommend snagging a bottle (or five).

Good luck and take care, cutie pies!

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Five Favorites (vol. 60)

by Hallie @ Moxie Wife on June 10, 2014

Five Favorites, hosted at


Rosary Bracelet

Organic Mama's Shop Rosary Bracelet

Shannon of Organic Mama’s Shop sent me this rosary bracelet recently and I could not possibly love it more. Aren’t the colors beautiful? Though it looks like a stack of bangles (love!), it’s actually one long piece that wraps around your wrist! Possibly the best thing of all is that the bracelet comes complete with a moveable charm in case you get interrupted mid-rosary. Brilliant.

Or maybe that’s not the best thing of all. Maybe the best thing is that Shannon has kindly set up a 25% off discount code for all of you for the next 10 days! Isn’t that sweet of her? Just enter MOXIEWIFE at checkout.

You should also know that Shannon donates 10% of every sale to a local crisis pregnancy center, offers free shipping on orders over $50, and provides a lifetime repair guarantee for each piece. She’s such a peach.

If you treat yourself to a bracelet do let me know which one you pick! They’re all so gorgeous that I had trouble choosing.


Humans of New York

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 2.02.50 PM.jpg

There is a reason this Facebook page has over six million “likes.” I check it almost every day and rarely come away not feeling inspired. There’s just something about hearing other people’s stories and learning about their struggles that makes me want to stand on a sidewalk and hand out hugs.


On Money and Vacations and Marriage

“One afternoon Jacob was on the phone with a sibling talking about the trip. He glanced at me tentatively, and I retreated to the bedroom in angry tears. It was so absurd. How could he even consider this?! I was struggling as a new mother. I had a high needs baby. We’d been living on the hope of one interview to the next for months. I was stretched so thin by work and mothering, and we still weren’t making ends meet. I was the numbers person. I knew this was a stupid stupid financial choice. Why couldn’t he see that? Just because we could pay for it didn’t mean we could afford it. Not only was he going to Hawaii, he was leaving me alone with our five month old for a week, and it was on my plate to find extra babysitting help, and I didn’t know how how I would pay for this extra babysitting because he was taking all our money and flying to Hawaii with it! Oh was I mad and, oh, was I justified. Jacob was so so gloriously in the wrong and I was so perfectly in the right that I marched over to the computer and chose the only option I had left…”

I think you should read every single thing Kate writes but if I had to pick just one thing, this might be it.


L’Oreal Cinnamon Toast Lipstick

photo (27).jpg

Best red lipstick EVER.


1 proposal, 26 countries, 4 years in the making

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Five Favorites (vol. 59)

by Hallie @ Moxie Wife on June 3, 2014

Five Favorites, hosted at

We’ve spent the last few days at the seashore and all I can think about is how much I love it here. As I mentioned over on Instagram, I’m convinced that I could spend every day on the beach and never get tired of it. I’m also willing to test this theory should anyone care to fund such a study. To give you an idea of what this study would consist of, here are a few sample photographs. Favorite photographs, if you will. (Wink, wink.)






Folly 2.jpg





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Five Favorites (vol. 58)

by Hallie @ Moxie Wife on May 27, 2014

Five Favorites, hosted at

It’s unlikely that I’ll ever own any of the products below (save the Clarisonic which I love) given their cost. Being the shameless lover of beauty products and regimens that I am, though, I think it’s very cool that so many of the treatments that were once reserved for dental and dermatological offices can now be done at home. If any of you have tried any of these gadgets, I’d love to hear what you think of them!



GLO Teeth Whitening Device



Remington Hair Removal System



Tria Age-Defying Laser

Tria Laser.jpg





Diamond Microdermabrasion Portable Machine



Take care, cuties!


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