My new home away from home…

by Hallie @ Moxie Wife on April 11, 2015

Hello again, love bugs! Happy Easter!

A couple of people have contacted me recently wondering where I went! Oops. Sorry about that! For those of you who missed my one quick earlier announcement, I moved my site to a new URL! You can now find me at

If you’d like to receive my new blog posts in your inbox, you can sign up right over here or in the form below. Also, starting next Monday, I will be sending out more personal private messages to all of my cute-as-pie email friends. I hope you’ll sign up so we can get to know one another even better!

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Love fearlessly, sweet friends!


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A Fresh Start

by Hallie @ Moxie Wife on November 10, 2014

Hello, all you sweet Moxie Wives!

I wanted to quickly pop in here to let you know that I am moving my blog to Here’s why:

“As I look back on all my years of blogging, everything I’ve written about has been an attempt to answer the question:

How can I love with less fear and live with more passion?

How can I better unite myself to God, who is not only the source of Love but Love itself? How can I more fully participate in this love and pass it on to my husband, my children, my friends, and even strangers? How can I better listen to the quiet, wild calls of the Holy Spirit and offer my fiats with less trepidation? And how can I use this freedom to embrace this short life that has been given to me with “some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” (Maya Angelou)

My hope is that this site will allow me to continue to explore these questions while leaving room to move between relevant topics (including marriage which will always be one of my favorite things to talk about). I’m ridiculously excited about it. It feels like both a fresh start and also, at long last, a permanent resting place for my reveries.” (Read more…)

If you’ve subscribed via MailChimp, you will still receive my blog posts in your inbox. If you follow along via feed reader, though, you’ll need to resubscribe.

Also, the Moxie Wife archives will stay put for the foreseeable future (in case you’re ever looking for something I’ve written in the past).

I hope you’ll stop by and take a peek around. I’m pretty smitten with my new online home.


Take care, peaches!

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By the Downward Way

by Hallie @ Moxie Wife on October 7, 2014

By the Downward Way by Dan LordI haven’t been blogging much lately (fall is always such a crazy busy time for our family) but I had to pop in quickly to share our latest bit of exciting news…

Dan’s book, By the Downward Way, has been released into the wilds of Amazon!

I absolutely love this book. Which is, honestly, kind of saying a lot (even taking into account that it was written by my husband) because I don’t usually gravitate toward the fantasy genre. It’s just not my thing. This novel captured my heart in a way that few books do, though. Have you ever read a book and fallen so in love with the characters that you were sad when it ended because you missed them already? That’s how this book made me feel. Combine that with the thrilling twists and turns that By the Downward Way offers and you have a novel that I think is absolutely extraordinary.

Here’s the description:

Leo Von Koppersmith is determined to face down the family curse that for centuries has driven his male ancestors to madness. To do it, he will have to travel to a hidden island inhabited by a strange and wonderful cast of human and humanoid characters, help protect a tribe of children who have mysteriously fallen out of the sky, and evade the monstrous beings that hunt them. Above all, he will have to be the one thing that has been missing from his family since the beginning long ago: a loyal father.

Here are the first two reviews:

“This book is like the best of Tolkien crossed with a great Dean Koontz thriller. Dan Lord’s incredible imagination and ability to convey intricate thoughts with just the right words will transport you. He has an unusual talent.”

“A generational curse, diabolical forces, and a man who has lost his way. Lord weaves an evocative tale reminiscent of C.S. Lewis’ Perelandra trilogy. An intense and absorbing journey filled with an array of fanciful characters, I found myself reading straight through to the final page.”

And here is the book trailer:


I also think it’s just perfect that his book was released in the autumn. It’s thrilling twists and heartwarming moments make it the perfect novel to curl up with on a cool day (or crisp night) with a soft blanket and your favorite hot beverage.

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did! You can find it at Amazon for Kindle or on paperback!


Take care, sweet peas!



P.S. If you purchase and enjoy the book we’d be so grateful if you’d leave an Amazon review and/or share the link with your friends! Thank you so much!


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On hurting abominably, undercurrents of joy, and thriving (Audio)

by Hallie @ Moxie Wife on September 25, 2014

On Monday morning I had the pleasure of sharing some of my thoughts on thriving with the women of St. Michael’s Catholic Church in Houston, Texas. I had the best time. Everyone was as kind and hospitable as can be and I got to spend the afternoon with sweet Cate! It was such a treat.

Because I’m super technical (haha) I somehow managed to record the talk on my iPhone. You’re welcome to listen below or you can right-click this link and choose “Save As” to download the MP3 file to your computer.


Take care, sweet peas!

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Meet Me in the Holy City?

by Hallie @ Moxie Wife on September 17, 2014

Some of you know the story of how I fell head over heels in love the first time I drove into Charleston, SC. I love this city so much it’s hard to put into words. When Jen and I first started scouting for a location for the next Edel Gathering I secretly hoped we might be able to hold it here. We wanted to proceed cautiously, though, and make sure that we found just the right hotel in just the right city.

So we researched and researched and researched some more. We made phone calls, talked to those in the know in a variety of cities, visited hotels, took into account travel considerations, and reflected on your needs. In the end, I think we found the perfect spot and am thrilled to announce that Edel 2015 will be held on July 10-11 at the…


Francis Marion Edel

Yes! Charleston!!!

The Francis Marion is classic Charleston. It first opened in 1924 and has succeeded beautifully in retaining its charm and historical character over the years. It is located right on King Street and is across the street from Marion Square and the Charleston Farmer’s Market (which you will be able to enjoy Saturday morning, if you so please). It is also a short walk from Saint Mary’s Catholic Church and a quick (free!) trolley ride away from the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist.

(Quick note: we’ve arranged to have a discounted rate for a limited number of rooms at the Francis Marion. Just use code ‘EDEL’ when making your reservations!)

Would you like a little tour? Oh, good…


I took this picture of the front of the hotel from across the street in Marion’s Square. That’s how close it is!

When you walk in you’ll pass the Swamp Fox restaurant on the right. The Francis Marion treated me to lunch so I can personally vouch for the deliciousness of the food. (There is also a lounge inside for those of you who crave a southern cocktail or two.)


On the left is a Starbucks and an adorable general store. (Psst. They sell locally created ReWined candles. You must buy one while you’re in Charleston. I highly recommend the Mimosa.)


If you head down the stairs you will come to Spa Adagio and the fitness room.


If you head up the stairs you will come to the lobby. The lobby is one of the things that I love most about this hotel.


There are several nooks outfitted with cozy tables and chairs. (Just look at that sweet little room perched up there!) It’s just perfect for meeting old friends and getting to know new ones.


Everywhere you turn there are little extra touches of beauty like these flowers.


This U.S. Mail letterbox sits between two elevator in the lobby. I need to believe that it is still in use.


This is the Colonial Room where we will host our Friday night cocktail party.


These stairs lead up from the Colonial Room to the Mother’s Room which will be available for you and your sweet little ones to use during all of our events.


This is the Carolina Ballroom which will house all of our Saturday events. It’s just begging for some karaoke, don’t you think?


This little table of goodness was sitting outside of the Carolina Ballroom where you will find all of our Edel 2015 vendors!


The sweet gals at the Francis Marion let me sneak into one of their guest rooms. It reminded me of hotel rooms I stayed in when I was backpacking through Europe. While they’ve modernized the rooms, many of the details are original to the hotel.


See? Adorable details. How pretty is this doorknob?


I took this shot from the balcony outside of the Carolina Ballroom. That’s the Farmer’s Market I mentioned earlier.


I couldn’t resist visiting.


Yes, Beignets! And coffee! And every kind of breakfast food you can imagine.


Plus, a collection of local artisans selling jewelry, candles, beauty products, paintings, pottery, textiles, and all sorts of other amazing things. I could spend hours visiting all the booths.


So, what do you say, girls? Are you ready to meet me in the Holy City in ten short months? I cannot wait. We are going to have a ball! Ticket sale information will be coming soon!

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A little of this and a little of that {plus a giveaway!}

by Hallie @ Moxie Wife on September 16, 2014

I’m writing this as I scurry around helping my girls get ready for THE MOST EXCITING EVENT of all their little lives. Yes, this Saturday they are going to be flower girls in their beloved Hannah’s wedding. Milkmaid braids are going to be involved. And pretty dresses. And shiny new shoes. And cake. The enthusiasm, it is high.

Anyway, there’s a bunch of stuff I’ve been meaning to share with you so here’s a little bit of this and a little bit of that…

First up! A little birdie told me that there might just be an announcement about the location and date of Edel ’15 coming up later this week! Jen and I signed the contract with the hotel a couple of weeks ago and have been dying to tell you all about it ever since. I am terrible about keeping secrets so you should all be very, very proud of me.

Also, I’ll be speaking at St. Michael’s Catholic Church in Houston, Texas next Tuesday! I’ll be speaking twice — once at 6:45 AM and then again at 10 AM. I’d love to see some of you if you’d like to come out! I’ll be speaking on what it means to thrive as a Catholic woman. I’m really looking forward to it. Everyone over there seems really sweet and I absolutely love public speaking. (That’s a little weird, isn’t it?)

If you’d like to attend, please let Mary Caprio know at or (713) 403-4122 so that they can get a head count for breakfast.

Speaking of speaking, I was invited to be a part of Lighthouse Media’s new Catholic Speakers Association recently! The website will be up and running this fall but in the meantime, if you’d like to have me speak at your event, you can contact Jesse Ray at or (630) 517-3502 to inquire about my fees and availability. I’d love to come see you!

BTW, the annual Support a Catholic Speaker month is going on over at Project YM. If you’ve heard me speak in the past and liked what you heard I’d love it if you’d cast a vote! Things like this help so much when you’re trying to get your name out there (which I am). Thanks, peaches!


OK, so last but most definitely not least, sweet Autumn recently offered to send me a box of Younique Fiber Lashes. I am so in love with these things I cannot even tell you. My lashes are ridiculously short and I’ve never been able to find a mascara that has managed to add much in the way of length. Until now! Suddenly I have long lashes! I’m in heaven! If you see me, I might not be able to resist batting them at you. Consider yourself warned, girlies. ;)

(I tried to take some pictures but they failed to do the fiber lashes justice so I’ll just direct you to my friend Rachael’s before and after picture. Isn’t she gorgeous? Aren’t those lashes made of WOW? Wow.)

If you’d like to come and take up residence with me in Long Lash Heaven, just let Rafflecopter know! Autumn has sweetly offered to give one set of Younique fiber lashes and a lip gloss to one reader. Thank you, Autumn!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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The Best Fitness Tools in all the Land

by Hallie @ Moxie Wife on August 10, 2014

Yesterday, after reading Jenny’s latest post about her wellness journey, I texted her to tell her about one of my favorite new weight loss tools (I’m on a new kick now that Edel is over)…and then I texted her again to share another tool I love…and then a few minutes later sent another text sailing through the air to her about….well, you get the idea. Anyway, in the middle of my furious texting I decided that I’d just write a post about the whole thing in case any of you are as obsessed with such things as I am. Here goes…



I realize that this is the millionth time I’ve raved about my FitBit but it’s just that great. It’s actually been collecting a bit of dust this summer because I got frustrated that all of our pool time was hurting my step count (I know, I know, I have issues). Once the temperature starts to drop, though, it will become my daily companion again, for sure.




I love that the Fit Book weight loss journal lasts just 12 weeks. There’s something so…doable about that. It’s also compact and spiral bound and all the things that a weight loss journal should be. It’s super motivating and has helped me lose five pounds in the last week alone. I’m pretty smitten.


Happy Scale App


The Happy Scale app is super simple. It’s basically just a weight loss tracker. You can add in mini goals which is great but it doesn’t come with any other bells and whistles. What it does come with is an intimate understanding of my angst. Built into the graph is a little line that averages weight loss and shows you the overall trend. Gained a pound back one day? No worries! Happy Scale says you’re still trending in the right direction! Brilliant.




I love my Kettlebell and I love my Kettlebell workout. Truth be told, my Kettlebell has been just about as neglected as my FitBit this summer but I pulled it out from under my bed this past weekend and am really excited to start using it again. It’s incredibly effective and great for those days when you don’t have a lot of time.


Contigo Water Bottle


Kangaroo Water Bottle
Oh, water bottle with built-in storage compartment, where have you been all my life?

So, there you have it! My very favorite weight loss tools! If you have any tools that you can’t live without, I’d love to hear about them!


Love you, sweet peas!


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